Green Book Information   Broads Boat Safety Scheme


The national Boat Safety Scheme applies in the Broads to all boats with engines and/or cooking, heating, lighting, refrigeration and other domestic appliances, including open boats propelled by outboard motors with fixed electrical systems such as electric starts. It does not apply to open boats propelled solely by outboard motors and not fitted with any of the above appliances or systems.

A boat owner needs to arrange for independent examination of the boat in order to get a BSS certificate, evidence of a valid certificate must be produced to the Broads Authority when applying to pay a toll. Visiting boats without certificates may be subject to hazardous-boat checks.

BSS examinations include other safety checks, such as fire escape provision, gas lockers, flues for toxic fume spillage and power connections (including AC electrical shore-supply leads for potential electrocution and fire). If a boat fails any of these checks, the owner will be formally notified and advice offered.

For further clarification, contact the Broads Authority or Boat Safety Scheme, 1st Floor North, Station House, 500 Elder Gate, Milton Keynes MK9 1BB  Tel: 0333 202100.