Green Book Information   Fishing on the Broads

Navigation through angling reaches

Fishing is a very popular sport on the Broads, particularly at weekends, but can be easily disturbed by the passage of boats. There is a statutory right of navigation but, to allow anglers to peacefully pursue their sport, particularly competitions, boat users are asked to avoid, as far as possible, passing through the following reaches before 10.00 on Sundays between 16 June and 31 October (when the fishing and boating seasons coincide): River Bure Fleet Dyke (St Benet’s Abbey) to half a mile upstream of Acle Bridge River Thurne Martham Ferry to Potter Heigham and then down to Thurne Mouth reach These reaches (which amount to only 8 miles out of 120 miles of navigable water in the Broads) have been carefully selected both to provide alternative waters for craft and to allow anglers to use the best fishing areas with land access. When boat users find it necessary to use the reaches before 10.00, they are requested to navigate at Dead Slow speed and to keep well away from banks being used by anglers. At all times, and in all other places throughout the Broads, boaters are asked to show consideration for anglers.

Special Angling Events

River Location Angling Body Activities - 16 June to 31 October
Yare – Rockland to Langley GY&NCAA : Andy Wilson-Sutter 01502 531776 Every Saturday from 9.00-16.00 Every Sunday from 8.00-16.00 Special event 16 June 9.00-16.00
Bure – St Benet’s Abbey & downstream NDAA : Tony Gibbons 01603 400973 Every Saturday & Sunday 9.00-14.00 Every Wednesday 16.00-21.00
Ant – Ludham Bridge upstream to Johnson Street NDAA : Tony Gibbons Sunday 21 June from 8.00-13.00
Thurne – Coldharbour NDAA : Tony Gibbons Every Saturday & Sunday 7.00-14.00
Thurne – Potter Heigham to Martham NDAA : Tony Gibbons Wednesday 30 September/Thursday 1 October 9.00-16.00 Saturday 10, 17, 24, 31 October 9.00-16.00
Bure & Thurne – extensive NDAA : Tony Gibbons Saturday 3 October 9.00-16.00

Restrictions on angling

  • Anglers must obtain an Environment Agency national rod licence before starting to fish. More information can be obtained by phoning the Environment Agency on 03708 506 506 or from
  • The Broads have a close season which is a period when fishing is not allowed; the close season lasts from 15 March to 15 June (both dates inclusive).
  • A special permit is required to cast out on Horsey Mere from 1 November to 28 February. Application forms can be obtained from Buxton Property Management (Fishing), Speedwell House, Lingwood NR13 4ET Tel : 01493 750102.
  • If you notice any fish showing signs of distress, any unnatural colouration of the water or are witness to any angling related incidents, eg fishing illegally, please contact the Environment Agency Hotline on 0800 807060.
  • Trolling from a power-driven vessel or sailing vessel under way is illegal on the Broads.
  • Under normal circumstances anglers must give way to boats wishing to moor on Broads Authority 24-hr moorings. There are, however, some exceptions where fishing from some moorings may not be permitted at all, or only some of the year, so please check local signage.
  • Where signage states that bank fishing is not allowed, it is expected that neither anglers nor boaters should fish from the bank. Boaters can however fish from their boats when moored in these locations.
(Advice in association with Broads Angling Strategy Group (BASG)