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In an increasingly legislated world, nsba represents boating people in Norfolk and Suffolk. Whether you race or cruise under power or sail, nsba represents your interests, with Whitehall, the Broads Authority and local government. nsba is the body through which local boating organisations talk to each other and co-ordinate their activities.

This site contains the very latest information, including up-dates (changes to events programmes etc.) since the publication of the latest green book.

Although every effort has been made to ensure the factual accuracy of the Greenbook Online, no responsibility can be accepted for any errors or omissions therein.

The NSBA would like to thank the Broads Authority for their help in updating navigational information, and boatyards, clubs, classes and other contributors for their help and cooperation, without which the publication of the Green Book would not be possible.

For updates and any other information you think should be included in this Handbook, please contact the Green Book Organiser, Peter Mantle, 44 The Avenue, Wroxham, Norwich, Norfolk. NR12 8TR
Information should be provided by the 1st December.

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