Green Book Information   Class Flags in Local Use

Alphabetical Flags and Numerical pennants of the International Code together with Naval Numeral Flags as under are recommended for use as Class Warning Signals.

    Access 303 A
    Allcomers *R
    All-Comers 'A' *No.9
    All-Comers 'B' No.6
    Bittern Q
    Broads OD Z
    International Enterprise E
    International Optimist O
    International Star *C
    Javelin *Naval No. 9
    Laser *No. 9
    Leader *L
    Mixed Catamarans *C
    Mixed Centre Boards No.4
    Mixed Keelboats *L
    Mixed ODs *L
    National 12 *T
    National Squib *Naval No. 9
    Norfolk OD *U
    Norfolk Punt *No 7
    Phantom F
    Rebel *R
    Reedling K
    River Cruisers over 10 tons *No.1
    River Cruisers 5 to 10 tons No.2
    River Cruisers River Racing No.3
    RS Tera *T
    Slow Handicap *No.7
    Solo *No.1
    Topper *U
    Waveney OD X
    Wayfarer I
    Yare and Bure OD V
    Yeoman Y
  * Denotes use by more than one class