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Bittern Owners Association   ( 29 boats listed )


L.O.A. 11'6"
Class Flag: Q
Captain: Leona Levine
Sec & Sailing Sec: Paul Tegerdine, 22 Old Lakenham Hall Drive,
Norwich NR1 2NW Tel: 01603 625020

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Club News and Notices     (maintained by the Club)
The Bitterns were designed by Leslie Landamore in 1959 for the Norfolk Schools Sailing Association and approximately 55 were built, the last in 1964. Originally they were distributed around the county at various schools and Youth Groups but the majority were then based at Filby Broad County Sailing Base when it opened in 1961. Thousands of Norfolk youngsters had their first sailing experience in a Bittern and many have gone on to have illustrious sailing careers. In the early 1970ís, having served their purpose, the Bitterns were sold into private ownership. In 1990 a group of owners formed the Bittern Owners Association with the sole purpose of keeping the Bitterns sailing. At the current time 29 Bitterns are registered, many having been restored to their original condition, but others have been lost through the years. The B.O.A. would be very interested to hear from anybody who knows the fate or whereabouts of any unregistered Bitterns. 
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Boat List

Name Owner

Bittern   Museum of the Broads    
Scram   Mr. M. Payne    
Mosquito   I Forster    
Bobbin   G.Patrick    
Dunlin   T & N. Newman    
No 10   C Abell / S Taylor / T Taylor    
Lady Mayhew   R.Wisby    
Sprig   D Ashton    
Blue Sands   R Osler    
Henrietta   J.Seeley    
Boomer   H Swinburn    
Catch Me   Mr & Mrs H Leventon    
  H & A. Cook    
Kedgy Gal   B Thompson    
Boomer   J Atkinson    
Wren   J.Ellis    
Almond   B Vejrych    
Golden Oldie   K Green    
Cutty Sark   Mr. & Mrs. M, Jones    
Teal   S.Harley    
Pootle   T Harris    
Do-Do   C Webster    
Dabchick   J.Reid    
Little Gem   I.Thompson    
Once   R Roe    
Brown Bear   Mrs.P.Woodcock    
Rush   G Barker    
Ella   J Snook    
Shy Limbs   Mrs.R.Weserman