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Thurne Restricted Cruiser Class   ( 17 boats listed )

Class Captain: Linda Aspland


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Number T. indicates full cabin version - Number TC. indicates cuddy version 
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Boat List

Name Owner

 T 1
Thyra   Paul Timewell    
 T 2
Gentle Breeze   Lambert family    
 T 3
Cowslip   Liz and Geoff Phillips    
 T 4
Green Forester   Tyna and Mike Markey    
 T 5
Dipper   Neil Hopkinson    
 T 6
Iolanthe   Aylott family    
 T 7
Billy Bluelight   Minns family    
 T 8
Reed Drifter   Linda Aspland    
 T 9
Laveroc   (John Hind and Gina Alpe)    
 T10 (RCC 353)
Bertram   David Ling    
Gentilly   Bob and Jenny Payne    
 TC1 (707)
Annie   Noel Dennis    
Quick Silver   Keith Dunham    
Silver Swift   John Goodacre    
Silver Beck   Mrs Johnson    
Joanna   Futter family    
Silver Sprite   Stephen Bradford