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Waveney One-Design Class   ( 34 boats listed )


Class Flag: X
LOA 20' Beam 6'2"ft
Sail Area 290sq.ft.
Captain: Chris Schonhut (W19)
Vice Captain: Philip Cooper (W22)
Secretary/Treasurer: Geoff Little (W24),
The Old Pumphouse, Priory Road, Beccles, Suffolk NR34 9NJ
Tel: 01502 710183

Waveney & Oulton Broad Yacht Club

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Boat List

Name Owner

Tansy   Nick Gooch & Peter Reeve   Laid Up  
Meadowsweet   Dean & Anna Gensburg   Oulton Broad - For Sale  
Snakeshead   Andy Hamilton - Eastwood Whelpton   Upton in Hire  
Arrowhead   Keith Webster   Buckenham  
Ragged Robin   Andy Hamilton - Eastwood Whelpton   Upton in Hire  
Orchis   Believed to have been broken up    
Water Soldier   Harry May   Awaiting restoration  
Thalia   Neil & Dee Bowles   Oulton Broad - For Sale  
Samphire   Duncan Simmonds   The Cam - For Sale  
Iris   Philip Large & Simon Marfleet   Oulton  
Red Rattle   Gerald Larkin   Laid Up  
Penny Royal   Tony Parsons   Bramerton for Restoration  
Marsh Marigold   Tony Calver & Chantalle Calver   Oulton  
Bittersweet   Andy & Roz Royall   Oulton  
Creeping Jenny   Trevor & Jake Balls   Oulton  
Kingcup   Neil & Dee Bowles   Restoration in progress for sale  
Cuckoo Pint   Chris & Ollie Wells, Roger Asher   Oulton  
Sundew   Hunter Fleet, Ludham   Thurne in Hire  
Brandy Bottle   Daniel Shreeve, Steve Shipley, Chris Schonhut & Alex Calver   Oulton  
Speedwell   Graham Reeve & Alan Cone   Oulton  
Angelica   Richard and Carol Crouch   Thurne  
Myrica   Phil Cooper   Oulton  
Autumn Crocus   Rick Benson   The Cam  
Naiad   Geoff Little   Oulton  
Foxglove   David & Suzanne Yapp   Oulton  
Sorrel   Paul & Karen Armitage   Oulton  
Celandine   David Radley   Upper Thurne  
Columbine   Chris Ricketson   Upton  
Teasel   Scott Thomas   Oulton  
Marsh Thistle   Ian Pickering   Oulton  
Valerian   Ben & Veronica Falat, Pete Matthews   Oulton  
Fen Orchid   Waveney Sailability   Oulton  
Forget-Me-Not   Chris & David Thurgar, Ande Abbott   Oulton  
Watermint   Colin and Helen Fuller   Oulton