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Waveney One-Design Class   ( 34 boats listed )


Class Flag: X
LOA 20' Beam 6'2"ft
Sail Area 290sq.ft.
Captain: Geoff Little W24 Naiad
Vice Captain: Philip Cooper W22 Myrica
Secretary/Treasurer: Ande Abbott W33 Forget-Me-Not
9 Leona Crescent, Carlton Colville, Suffolk NR33 8JW
Tel: 07515 857 477

Waveney & Oulton Broad Yacht Club
Secretary Captain

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Club Events
Waveney's 100th Celebration Weekend 9th 10th July 2022 at Oulton Broad

Boat List

Name Owner

Tansy   Nick Gooch. She's being restored.   Super News  
Meadowsweet   Paul Vipers   Oulton Broad  
Snakeshead   Andy Hamilton - Eastwood Whelpton   Upton in Hire  
Arrowhead   Keith Webster   Buckenham  
Ragged Robin   Andy Hamilton - Eastwood Whelpton   Upton in Hire  
Orchis   Believed to have been broken up    
Water Soldier   Harry May   Awaiting restoration  
Thalia   Pete Matthews   Oulton Broad  
Samphire   Duncan Simmonds   The Cam - For Sale  
Iris   Simon Marfleet & Family   Oulton Broad  
Red Rattle   Gerald Larkin   Laid Up  
Penny Royal   Tony Parsons   Bramerton for Restoration  
Marsh Marigold   Tony Calver & Chantalle Calver   Oulton  
Bittersweet   Andy & Roz Royall   Oulton  
Creeping Jenny   Trevor & Jake Balls   Oulton  
Kingcup   Neil & Dee Bowles   Restoration in progress for sale  
Cuckoo Pint   Chris & Ollie Wells, Roger Asher   Oulton  
Sundew   Hunter Fleet, Ludham   Thurne in Hire  
Brandy Bottle   Daniel Shreeve, Steve Shipley, Chris Schonhut & Alex Calver   Oulton - For Sale  
Speedwell   Graham Reeve & Alan Cone   Oulton  
Angelica   Richard and Carol Crouch   Thurne - For Sale.  
Myrica   Phil Cooper   Oulton  
Autumn Crocus   Rick Benson   The Cam  
Naiad   Geoff Little   Oulton  
Foxglove   David & Suzanne Yapp   Oulton  
Sorrel   Paul & Karen Armitage   Oulton  
Celandine   David Radley   Upper Thurne  
Columbine   Chris Ricketson   Upton  
Teasel   Scott Thomas   Oulton  
Marsh Thistle   Ian Pickering   Oulton  
Valerian   Henry Bird   Hickling  
Fen Orchid   Waveney Sailability   Oulton  
Forget-Me-Not   David Thurgar, Ande Abbott   Oulton  
Watermint   Waveney Sailability   Oulton