Clubs and Classes..

Affiliated Classes  (including clubs which are also classes)

(class) 19ft Reedling Keel Boat Class
B.O.A. Bittern Owners Association
B.O.D.C Broads One-Design Club
(class) International Star Class
L.O.A. Leisure Owners Association (Broads Group)
(class) National Squib Class
(class) Norfolk 14ft. One-Design Dinghy Class
NHFT Norfolk Heritage Fleet Trust
(class) Norfolk Punts
N.R.S.C. Northern Rivers Sailing Club
(class) Rebel One-Design Class
R.C.C. River Cruiser Class
(class) Thurne Restricted Cruiser Class
W.O.D. Waveney One-Design Class
WSL Waveney Sailability Ltd
(class) Yare and Bure One-Design Class
(class) Yeoman and Kinsman Classes
Norfolk and Suffolk Fleet